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Wholesale Front Seat Poncho Protector Heavy Duty Black

Front Seat Poncho Protector Heavy Duty Black - Dirty car seats beware, Bergan Poncho Seat Protectors provide instant protection with virtually no installation, keeping auto interiors clean and dry. - Perfect for pets, camping, sports, yardwork, and more! The Ponchos come in two models. The Heavy Duty (HD) is constructed from waterproof 600D material and is always machine washable. The Deluxe (DX) is made from a soft, super absorbent top and waterproof backing - kind of like a towel, but way better! Both models fit any seat with a headrest and are compatible with side impact air bags.
UPC/EIN/ISBN: 879213006068
SKU: 784137
Pieces per Case: 1
Price (ea)
Consumer price:$8.63
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